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Construction planning and survey


A professional construction survey is the base of each documentation and planning activity.

We conduct surveys on existing buildings for builders and planners: one-family houses, apartment buildings, timbered houses, barns or former farm houses, agricultural buildings.

An appraisal might include:


Structural dimensions of the building shell

  • Length and height of exterior walls
  • Window and door openings
  • Roof style

Structural dimensions of floor levels

  • Floor plan including wall thickness and openings
  • Floor height and ceiling thickness
  • Roof pitch

Structural dimensions of visible building constructions

  • Timber and steel framing
  • Roof construction


Planning criterias are based on the determined parameters, visualised in CAD. We compile dimensioned floor plans, sectional drawings and views for project planning. These documents are available in DXF format as well as printed up to DIN A0 format.


Further services are

  • Quantity surveys
  • Room books
  • 3-D design
  • Digitalizing of analog construction plans
  • Plotting service
  • Constrution planning
  • Construction plans and building applications
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