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Our company introduces itself

The company was found in 1859 by the 23 years old Heinrich Düvel (first generation) in a small leased timbered house on today´s company ground. The beginning was quite moderate.

This small workshop (approximately 30 sqm) has been renovated and restaurated. Nowadays it is a piece of jewellery on the company´s site.

1910/11 The first modernization took place in the company introduced by Heinrich Düvel (second generation). Machines like dressers, molding cutter or band-saws were bought. The first assistants were hired and apprentices were trained.

1934 The machinery went to electricity and the sawmill was added.

1948 Heinrich Düvel (third generation) overtook the business. In the 1950th a bigger workshop was erected, the machinery rooms were enlarged and the company counted 18 employees.

1979/80 The company converted into a GmbH. The shop fitter section was added. The fourth generation, represented by Heinrich Düvel again, overtook the management. The machinery was modernized with latest technology.

1992 A half-automatic EURO-pallet machine was installed, the latest CNC-machines were bought and the fleet was expanded. The employees are organized in teams and the shop fitters work throughout Germany.

1993 The carpentry always bore a meaning. It was changed to computerized support and works with an IT beam program. Complex roof-structures of architects’ drawings can be cut and prefabricated on the company’s site in short time.

2000 The manufacturing of windows was modernized with the latest technology. Besides a new IT supported manufacturing plant was installed. The produced windows satisfy latest thermal protection standards and highest quality requirements.

2004 Due to increasing demand, an IT controlled drying chamber was added to produce heat-treated and dehumidified pallets. Furthermore, the company obtained the license for heat-treatment according to international plant protection convention (IPPC) standards.

2005 To satisfy the high storage demand of top-quality material and finished parts for shop fitting purposes, a 1000 sqm warehouse was erected.

2007 The saw mill was comprehensively modernized, including optimized workflow and work assistance for employees.

2008 A hydraulic assembly table was installed to optimize the timber frame construction.
Heinrich Michael Düvel joined the management in June and represents the fifth generation.

2009 The company with over 50 employees celebrated its 150th anniversary with numerous customers, suppliers and friends.

2010 The Heinrich Düvel GmbH introduced the new, innovative window profile IV 78. The high product quality is supported by latest window design software and a new four side planner, which enables automatic order processing as well as decreased cycle times.
In addition, a new heating plant with automatic feeding and ash cleaning functions was installed. The use of chipping -accrued during production processes- supports a very eco-friendly heating.

2011 A new high-performance CNC machine center -developed in cooperation with IMA Klessmann Lübbecke- was introduced. Additionally, a modern edge processing machine was bought to increase the quality of edge design and minimize the process cycle time.
A workshop extension increased the space of work stations and admits an optimized processing in shop fitting and order dispatch.

2012 The procurement of a modern panel saw improves the cutting passes and decreases offcuts.

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